Schema Recaps Daredevil | Season 2 Episode 13 | A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

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The final episode of the season starts by capturing Nobu beside a tomb that says, 蘇生, “revival” in Japanese. While I wondered what the Hand was going to use it for, Nobu’s assistant passes him a list of twenty individuals they are targeting for their mysterious plan. “The fate of Black Sky (Elektra) is in our hands” says Nobu, “Daredevil is the only thing that stands in our way.”

The scene changes to Matt cleaning the blood off of Stick’s face while he is tied to a chair. Stick warns Matt that Nobu would do anything to take Elektra and that she should be the one tied to the chair to avoid further casualties in New York City. Matt on the other hand refutes Stick’s arguments and believes that the Black Sky is not the problem, but rather Nobu who may use it to cause chaos in New York City. Matt further insists that Stick is the only one that believes in the Black Sky.

Matt wiping blood off of Stick's face | Source:

Matt wiping blood off of Stick’s face | Source:

While Matt and Stick starts calling each other naive, I thought “Who is actually the naive one?” As long as the Hand is willing to have their hands on the Black Sky, it is not easy to ignore it and say that everything is fine when Nobu’s dead. Nobu is the lead but we have seen Nobu’s assistant already acting to launch their plan that has something to do with the Black Sky in the scene earlier. To me, Matt seems too relaxed or overconfident of his beliefs in this scene.

Although information regarding the Black Sky still remains hidden, we do know it has something to do with Elektra and possibly when she is controlled by the Hand. Elektra stands on the roof of a building at night unsure of the purpose of her life, now that she knows she is the Black Sky. She was trained by Stick while she was young “to fight against the Black Sky,” but she never knew that it was herself. Elektra is also worried about the destruction that the Hand could cause with the Black Sky. Matt appears from behind assuring her that their plan is simple: take Nobu away from the Hand without alerting the troops.

Soon after Matt receives a call from Foggy warning him that Brett had been threatened to show all the profiles in the police office related to Daredevil. While Matt as Daredevil searched for clues at Karen’s apartment, Karen along with others who Daredevil had saved in the past were already taken as hostages by the Hand. Here we find out that the list of twenty individuals we heard from Nobu’s assistant at the beginning of this episode is the list of all the people Daredevil had previously saved.

Karen taken as hostage | Source:

Karen taken as hostage | Source:

Matt steps into the building alone and manages to save the hostages. While fighting the remaining ninjas, Elektra arrives to assist him. The two enter a room locking its door, knowing that an overwhelming amount of ninja troops are behind them. Elektra is frightened, feeling that they might not be able to see each other again. Matt tries to calm her down, and lets her know that although Elektra is the Black Sky, he never felt frightened of her because she was always the only one  supporting him in, his role as both the lawyer and Daredevil.

The climax fighting scene has speedy action showing Elektra and Matt’s advantage at first, until the two begin fighting Nobu. Nobu is a hard enemy to take down, especially because Matt does not want to kill him, but rather land him in jail. Unlike Matt, Nobu takes a knife from the floor and aims it at Matt willing to kill him in order to take Elektra.

Elektra steps in to defend Matt. She is stabbed but with her remaining strength, she pushes Nobu away. Smiling gladly in Matt’s arms, Elektra states that the Hand has nothing to take from her now that she is going to die, thus New York City would be safe. She lived her life thinking that being good was to defeat Black Sky, only to find out that it was herself. Not knowing how to protect her surroundings from herself, she humbly tracked down the Hand in her spare times throughout season 2 and here after defending Matt, she states “I know now, what it feels to be good […] Does it hurt this much?”

After a brief moment, holding Elektra in his arms as she passes away, Matt lays her down to resume fighting with Nobu. He is not alone though. Surprisingly, Frank Castle, the Punisher, starts assisting him from another building. As Frank shoots the remaining troops, Matt starts his one-on-one fight with Nobu. He manages to throw Nobu off a building but he doesn’t die. Stick appears from the dark and kills Nobu himself.

Stick stabs Nobu | Source:

Stick stabs Nobu | Source:

After the incident, Karen starts writing an article titled, “What is it, to be a hero?”  In earlier episodes Karen asked Matt the difference between someone who saves people in a catastrophe and another who prevents a catastrophe from happening in the first place. Are both heroes? Here, she seems to find the answer herself. She writes, heroes aren’t “someone who lives above us, keeping us safe.” Heroes have their foot firm to the ground to survive Hell’s Kitchen and so, we all are heroes.

This episode ends with Elektra wrapped in red cloth in the tomb with the word 蘇生 meaning “revival” on the top. There is a scene earlier at Elektra’s grave where Stick called Matt tough for being able to love Elektra instead of trying to kill her after knowing that she is the Black Sky. Both who hoped her soul to rest in peace would not expect her to be revived by the Hand.

This better be a call for season 3. We still do not know exactly what the Black Sky could do, and I think it would bring in an opportunity for Matt to understand that he may have been too confident to believe that the city would be fine as long as Nobu is taken away from the Hand.

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