VIBC Bhangra celebration 2016 | Downtown June 18th review

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Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society (VIBC) organised events throughout last week, providing opportunities for individuals to expose themselves to Bhangra music. Bhangra originates from the Punjabi region as folk music to celebrate a harvest festival called Baisakhi. It is currently more diverse in forms of music such as pop and it is played for various occasions including weddings.

I’m sure many caught sight of the VIBC Bhangra event held in front of Vancouver Art Gallery last weekend. It was also shown live on Shaw Multicultural Channel. Bhangra groups from all over Canada came to Vancouver to entertain the audience with energetic, cheerful and passionate dances.

Allstars United Bhangra


Allstars United Bhangra is a group with 15+ years of dance experience from Victoria, BC.

This group was the first that I saw that day. Though I did not understand the lyrics, I was easily attracted to the beat of the music and their dances.

Here’s a short clip of their dance!


Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi (Panj) Girls Workshop


The audience also had a chance to learn some Bhangra dance moves from the Panj group. Panj is an all girls Bhangra group from Surrey, winning competitions from all over North America. Bhangra moves are harder than they look. I probably looked like a jellyfish when I tried.

UBC Coed

UBC’s Bhangra Co-ed group did a unique performance, as one of their dancers wore a Justin Trudeau mask, causing quite a few outbursts of laughter from the audience. It makes me feel grateful to be able to see cultural performances in Canada and that anyone, regardless of their culture, can appreciate it.

I highly encourage everyone to attend events held by Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society. As I have not been able to attend many of their other events, I am looking forward to the Bhangra celebration next year as well!

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