Schema Recaps Jessica Jones Season 1 Ep 3: It’s Called Whiskey

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**Proceed with caution because this is super loaded with spoilers!!**

The episode starts with a very sexual scene between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, taking off from last episode where they found out each other’s superpowers. This event is followed by a conversation about the origin of their “gifts,” and Luke says that he doesn’t use them; “Being a hero puts a target on your back.” They wish to find out the extent of their powers together, and so they have some bed-breaking sex (literally).

At his apartment, Jessica finds the picture of a young woman in his bathroom cabinet, who he claims is his ex-wife that died in a car accident. After finding this out, Jessica becomes flustered and tells him she has to go, leaving his apartment in haste. Back at her place, she goes over Hope’s case, looking for a way she can get surgical anesthesia, or Sufentanil, which she previously found out knocks out Kilgrave’s powers.

Jessica finds a photo of Luke's ex-wife. Source:

Jessica finds a photo of Luke’s ex-wife. Source:

The next morning, Jessica goes to Jeri Hogarth’s office in hopes to convince her to defend Hope in the public debate for her case. Hogarth brings up the fact that Jessica is another one of Kilgrave’s victims and wants to get her to testify, yet Jessica is reluctant to agree to do it as she is involved in her own investigations. Then Jessica goes to the hospital to ask the doctor for Sufentanil, but after an unsuccessful attempt, Jessica decides to get the job done herself.

The next day, Jessica’s best friend Trish tells her she has set up an interview with Hope, who is in prison. However, Jessica is afraid that Kilgrave will be listening to the live radio broadcast, putting her in danger.

Later, Jessica goes to Luke’s bar, asking him if he can get her some Sufentanil, but he’s unable to help her out. This conversation, of course, ends up with them having sex yet again. After their activities, Luke asks her to say what has been on her mind since they met, as he can tell she is acting weird around him. Jessica tells him she’s worried about their powers and the possibility of someone being able to manipulate minds, pondering over Hope’s testimonial.

Hope being interviewed by Trish on live radio. Source:

Hope being interviewed by Trish on live radio. Source:

The day after, Trish and Jessica have the live radio broadcast with Hope over Hogarth’s cellphone. Hope answers Trish’s questions about the night she killed her parents, stating that Kilgrave made her do everything. Hogarth, however, states that Hope is delusional. Trish is dumbfounded; she cannot believe Hogarth doesn’t think Hope is telling the truth. She becomes furious and calls Kilgrave a “sick, perverted man,” and says that his weakness “suggests impotence” and “serious Oedipal issues,” which is probably the funniest moment in the episode. This makes Jessica freak out, and she runs into the room to unplug Trish’s microphone, telling her that he is listening and that she is pissing him off. Then, Kilgrave calls in to the radio show and threatens to kill Trish, putting both Trish and Jessica on their toes. After the broadcast, Jessica tells Trish that Hogarth intentionally set her up to defend the “crazy-ass” notion of mind control so she wouldn’t have to.

Afterwards, Jessica goes to the hospital and breaks in to a medicine supply closet to steal the Sufentanil.

A cop shows up at Trish’s apartment, inquiring about an assault she was involved in. After she lets him in, the cop starts attacking her. Jessica comes into the apartment right as the cop is choking Trish and kicks him off her, and the cop says “I have to kill her…I have to…he is waiting for me,” indicating that he’s working for Kilgrave.

However it is too late, as Jessica announces that he has killed her. Satisfied, the cop leaves, but Jessica sneakily injected the Sufentanil into Trish’s side when he wasn’t looking to paralyze her momentarily. Jessica runs after the cop and intentionally slams into him, putting Trish’s cellphone inside his jacket. The cop points his gun at her but doesn’t shoot, and says “He said it’s not your time.” After he leaves, Jessica tracks Trish’s cellphone with her own and starts following him around the city.

Jessica's flashback. Source:

Jessica’s flashback. Source:

The cop walks into an apartment building, and Jessica follows suit. Jessica hears a conversation between the cop and Kilgrave, in which he informs him that Trish is dead and that Jessica witnessed it. Kilgrave is very pleased. As his duty is complete, Kilgrave instructs the cop to jump out of his apartment window, and Jessica runs in to save him. Kilgrave sees her, and starts calling her name through his mind control. Jessica has a flashback to when Kilgrave first did this to her and manipulated her to maim a young woman. Turns out, Luke’s ex-wife did not get killed in a car accident, but it was Jessica who killed her under Kilgrave’s manipulation.

This flashback also reveals that Jessica was able to overcome his mind control, as he called for her to stop before a bus crashed into her that night, but she disobeyed him. Once Jessica turns back to look at Kilgrave, he has disappeared, and she runs into his apartment to find him. Once she gets to his office, she finds all of his walls filled with pictures of her, showing his creepy obsession with her. Unsuccessful, she decides to leave, taking the cop with her back to safety.

Jessica discovers Kilgrave's office. Source:

Jessica discovers Kilgrave’s office. Source:

That night, Jessica goes to Luke’s apartment. She decides to tell him that they cannot see each other anymore, yet does not explain why or confess to what she did. Upset, he slams the door on her face.

This episode reveals information about Jessica’s character, especially in her affair with Luke. The fact that she avoids revealing his ex-wife’s true fate and would rather stop seeing him, as well as immediately recalling the night the incident occurred, indicate her unresolved issues with her time under Kilgrave’s manipulation. The next episode is sure to be even more exciting!

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