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Jessica Jones Episode 1 “AKA 99 Friends” starts with Jessica following the paths which Kilgrave’s spy must have walked by to take photos of her. Holding the photos in her hands, Jessica is rather glad that it is currently only her who is being spied on, which means others are safe for now.

Jessica goes back to her office for an appointment with Audrey Eastman who requests Jessica to take photos of her husband cheating with another women. Knowing how annoying it is to have photos taken without notice, Jessica shows concerns when Audrey states, “In fact, I want him to know, that he is being photographed.”

Audrey’s aggressiveness to have photos of her husband cheating without dirtying her own hands reminds Jessica of Kilgrave appointing a spy to take photos of her. Does it feel good to act the same as the spy who has been taking photos of her? No. Jessica questions Audrey if she is meeting someone with traits of Kilgrave to make sure she is not being mind-controlled. Audrey replies with a “no”, but Jessica does not trust her and decides to spy on Audrey first.

Audrey states that she was referred to meet Jessica by Desmond Tobey. To make sure that it is true, Jessica walks into Hogarth’s office, knowing that Tobey is her partner at the law firm. It turns out that it is in fact true, unlike her clients in episode 1, Bob and Barbara Shlotman, who were referred by a mind-controlled policeman and had their lives end tragically at the end of the episode.

While Jessica searched for signs of Audrey being mind-controlled by Kilgrave, Hogarth prepared a meeting with victims who have claimed they have been mind-controlled by Kilgrave before. Unable to find evidence of Audrey being mind-controlled, Jessica is frustrated as she arrives at Hogarth’s firm only to know that she is in charge of interviewing the victims. The scene changes to Jessica listening to victims’ words about Kilgrave, but neither Jessica nor the audience of the show, would be able to detect the people who have actually been mind-controlled by Kilgrave.

Until the next morning, Jessica unsuccessfully searches for clues of the spy who has been taking pictures of her by watching videos of security cameras. She steps out of her apartment for fresh air but a girl suddenly calls her name to tell her that Trish is safe. In Episode 3, Trish mentioned Kilgrave on her radio. The radio allowed people to confidently voice their experiences being mind-controlled by Kilgrave, but it also put Trish in danger. Trish apologises to Kilgrave on her radio in this episode before Jessica met the victims. Here, a girl who is mind-controlled by Kilgrave comes by to tell Jessica that Trish’s apology is accepted.

The girl continues and asks, “It’s Friday […] Don’t you have a job to do?” Jessica realizes Audrey had mentioned that her husband may perhaps visit his mistress on his way back from work on Friday. “Are you talking about Audrey?” she asks, but the girl starts screaming after her mind-control is dispelled, as she sees Jessica holding her hand desperately asking for information.

In the evening, Jessica starts following Audrey’s husband believing that Audrey is not mind-controlled. The husband arrives at an unfamiliar apartment, showing that he is in fact cheating on his wife. While Jessica waited outside of the room to figure out the right timing to take photos of the husband and his mistress, Audrey calls her. Audrey speaks in a relaxed voice, very unlike her aggressiveness earlier, making Jessica suspicious of her.

Jessica wonders if Audrey is mind-controlled but she is not. In fact, it is not the mistress the husband is meeting, it is actually Audrey herself. Why? Because she wanted revenge on Jessica and super heroes in general, for not being able to save her mother who passed away as buildings destroyed by heroes collapsed on her. To Audrey, the headlines of newspapers stating “the city was saved [by heroes]” the next day was ironic and false as her mother was killed as a result of their actions.

Jessica is furious that Audrey is after her for revenge because many, including Jessica, have also lost their loved ones and are living with their grief, whereas Audrey is resorting to revenge. Compared to Audrey who has a husband and the time and money to spend for a scheme, Jessica has to deal with spies and past traumas herself everyday. As Jessica crashes furnitures and mirrors of the room, she tells the couple that there are 99 gifted heroes in the area, and they would not want to hear of this happening.

Jessica then attends a meeting among the victims she had met at Hogarth’s firm. She was not expecting to find evidence of Kilgrave at the meeting until a man provides her information about him having to drive Kilgrave for a week. Hoping that she could obtain clues about the spy, Jessica asks him if he had met anyone who had been passing photos of Jessica to Kilgrave. Jessica, who received a hint that the spy is wearing a blue and white striped scarf, runs back to her apartment to re-watch the videos from surveillance cameras. She finds a guy wearing the scarf, and the minute the guy takes off his hoodie, she unexpectedly figures out that it is Malcolm who had been following her around.






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