The Oscars 2018 Verdict: Meh?

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After last year’s infamous envelope slip up, audiences were no doubt watching the 2018 Oscar Awards Show wondering if an error of the same magnitude would occur again. Evidently the incident was also on the Academy’s mind, as they carefully took strides to redeem themselves with this year’s show. From redesigning the envelopes for better readability to giving Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty a second chance at presenting the Best Picture award, the Oscars was clearly ready to rectify its errors and move on.

Aside from the lingering drama from last year, the 90th Academy Awards proceeded without any issues. Unfortunately, that also meant that the show was relatively boring. With its ratings hitting an all-time low and the public becoming disillusioned with Academy voters and Hollywood as a whole, the Oscars seem to be losing its stride.

In the realm of social media, Oscars night went about as peacefully as it could have. This year’s main talking points were Guillermo del Toro cheekily checking the Best Picture envelope to make sure it’s the right one, Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya wearing Fenty Foundation, and the cast of Black Panther dressed in their Wakandan best. What is perhaps most surprising about this relatively uneventful showing is how no one seems to be particularly upset at certain wins or lacks thereof. The wins this year were spread quite evenly across the board, without a single film sweeping the competition, making these Academy Awards one of the more peaceful ones, albeit a bit mundane. Outside the topic of awards, however, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements continued to spark conversations, especially as men accused of abuse and harassment continue to win.

Nevertheless, the show serves as a useful platform for a variety of voices, especially when this year’s winners and nominees had a great deal of diversity throughout. Coco, The Shape of Water, Get Out, and Call Me By Your Name’s nominations alone shone the spotlight on them, and their wins are only further proof that there is room in Hollywood for people who aren’t just straight white cis men. As film advances as a medium and the industry along with it, one can only hope that it continues down this path of progress.

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