Schema Magazine is a reflection of pop-culture and identity for interculturally-minded individuals, through the sensibilities of 1.5-, 2nd- and sometimes 3rd-Generation, mixed-race, transnational and urban-living Canadians and Americans between the ages of 25 and 40.

What We Offer:

The basics:

  • Online Advertising
    Schema targets interculturally-minded young professionals that are affluent, sophisticated, and constantly growing in number.
    Online advertising can be placed throughout the entire website or on specific pages, categories and tags.
  • Targeted Promotions
    Through a variety of channels, such as our Newsletter and Social Media Exposure
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (included Twitter contests)


Our specialty:


In a world where custom content is king, we are the king of custom content

Schema sets the bar high when it comes to custom content. Whether it’s for Schema’s readership or your company’s blog and newsletter, we produce high quality and engaging content for readers.

Custom Packages

Our packages specialize in providing multiple levels of engagement over extended periods of time. Schema offers highly customized campaigns to clients looking for a bit—or a lot—a lot of everything. From social media exposure, ad banners, interviews, live twitter conversations, and more. There is no cookie-cutter package for our clients—every organization is different and we cater accordingly while always producing high quality engaging content that interculturally-minded young professionals crave.

  • Online Profiles (Written/Video)
    Schema has extensive experience with producing multi-part series of interviews, commentary and other forms of sticky content:

  • Reviews and Previews (Written/Video)
    Part of our mandate is to talk about, analyze and review products and services that reflect the sensibility and values of interculturally-minded young professionals.
  • Multi-Layered Integrated Content: Social Media/Blog/In-Depth
    Schema’s content touches readers on varying levels of engagement. From Twitter and Instagram posts, to bite-sized content that can be read in 60 seconds, to more in-depth and multi-part articles, each driving readers to deeper levels of engagement.
  • Live Twitter Sessions
    Hosting a live conversation online during a television or online program is one of the more engaging ways to generate buzz and drive viewers.

    • As part of Schema’s coverage of the web-series, K-Town, we hosted a weekly live Twitter chat with fans and actors from the program. The promotional coverage over two seasons included 27 unique posts focused on K-Town’s cast, driving viewers to the weekly episodes and the twitter chat.


To learn how Schema can help you reach this rapidly professionalizing new demographic, who are not only the most complexly diverse generation of Canadians, but also making the highest median incomes in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2006), please email:

Matthew Tsang, Account Manager