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VIFF 2017 | Meditation Park

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When a film is chosen as the Opening Night Gala film for Vancouver International Film Festival, audience expectations are high. When that same film is directed by acclaimed indie filmmaker Mina Shum and features a slew of incredible actors like Cheng Pei-Pei, Sandra Oh and Tzi Ma, expectations soar. Yet even the highest expectations can’t prepare audiences for the heartfelt magic of Meditation Park.

Watching Mixed Match: How a twerking stranger gave me courage

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At the stem-cell-fie booth with Alex Tung and Alexandria Taylor

I’m sitting in the back row of the Rio Theatre watching Alexandria Taylor smile graciously through what I assume is an incredible amount of pain.

The medical staff are asking her to return to bed and avoid strenuous activity.
“So I probably shouldn’t be twerking or anything?” she asks.
The doctor laughs nervously.

VIFF 2016 | A Simple Goodbye

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A Simple Goodbye is a profound and beautiful exercise in understatement. Featuring an immensely talented cast and beautiful cinematography, the film is a poetic look at the wide-reaching effects of the choices we make for ourselves and those we love.

Journalist Arman Kazemi | From Paris to Rio

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Arman Kazemi outside a cafe in Gastown (Photo Credit: Chloë Lai)

In the last three years, British-born Iranian-Canadian journalist Arman Kazemi has covered everything from the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro to the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo staffers and the Bataclan in Paris. He is currently working on a project that will take him back to Rio in August to cover the Olympic Games.