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Schema Reviews VAFF 2015: Seoul Searching

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Big hair, bad attitudes, a hormone-infused search for a sense of belonging: Packed with all the classic ingredients for an 80s-style teen movie, plus a virtual kaleidoscope of internationally sourced Asian talent, Seoul Searching is a heartfelt, hilarious coming-of-age story that showcases the emotional fallout of cultural and generational identity confusion in first- and second-generation Asian immigrants.

Riding with Strangers: Ride-Sharing from Nantes to Paris

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Credit: Forbes

Dark. Stormy. Cold. I’m shivering outside the Nantes train station just before dawn, waiting for Marc to show up and wondering whether he looks anything like his picture. If you’re thinking, “That sounds like a super murder-y time of day to meet a guy you found on the Internet,” you’re right. Except it wasn’t a date. Marc had, without ever having met me, agreed to drive me from Nantes to Paris. It was my first ride-share.

The Mindy Project | Season 4 Episode 5 | “Stay at Home MILF”

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Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

In true The Mindy Project tradition, everyone is trying to please (or show up) someone else by pretending to be something they’re not. Except it’s a little different this time. Mindy and Colette come out of their (very, very different) respective closets, but for once, Mindy is not at the centre of the most sensational revelation; in a move that reflects her increasingly complex life, her return to work comes out of Danny’s unexpected family emergency rather than her own flair for the dramatic.

5 Best Things To See In Nantes, capital city of Pays de la Loire

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The stork/heron in Le Nid, Tour de Bretagne (Decohubs)

Arriving in Nantes, I had no idea that I was walking into what Time magazine, in 2004, declared “the most liveable city in Europe”. Less than a decade later, in 2013, it also won the title of “European Green Capital”. It was the first French city to successfully reintroduce electric tramways. Pair this with reduced vehicle traffic in the city centre and a great public bike-sharing system and it starts to look like what I imagine Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson might have pinned to the top of the vision board in his home office. Here are five reasons why I loved this city.