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Review of Avengers: Age of Ultron (Or As I Would Like To Call The Movie, Avengers: Age of Frustration)

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The Avengers did quite well for themselves their opening weekend at the box office. The movie grossed $187.6 million which makes it the second highest grossing blockbuster film domestically of all time. The movie definitely had all the right ingredients: big name actors, a large budget, and a wide fan base after the first movie. Even so, the movie miserably failed at creating an entertaining and sensible plot. Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!

PuSh Festival 2015: Interview with eatingthegame keynote speaker, Conor Wylie, and artistic director, Milton Lim

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eatingthegame keynote speaker, Conor Wylie.

The PuSh Festival is just around the corner and one notable presentation worth mentioning is Hong Kong Exile’s, eatingthegame. Hong Kong Exile investigates the consequences of mass-scale Chinese piano ownership and worship through an interactive installation and recital. Artist-entrepreneur, Conor Wylie, also delivers a keynote speech in this presentation from which he discusses gaps between Vancouver and China, West and East, business and culture, and ethics and desire. I caught up with both artistic director, Milton Lim, and keynote speaker, Conor Wylie, to discuss their presentation as well as their thoughts on this year’s PuSh Festival.

PuSh Festival 2015: Interview with Theatre Director, Milton Lim

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Milton Lim is a decorated, multi-disciplinary artist based in Vancouver. He is the Artistic Director of a group known as Hong Kong Exile and will be presenting an interactive installation and recital that investigates the consequences of mass-scale Chinese piano ownership and worship at this year’s PuSh Festival. I caught up with him this past holiday break to discuss his career and involvement with Hong Kong Exile.

PuSh Festival 2015: Interview with Carlos Joe Costa, Vancouver music legend

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Carlos Costa has many musical abilities including being able to play the drums, percussions, and flute. He will be joining five other musicians this year to perform at the PuSh Festival and musical performance with hits from the 50s and 60s. I caught up with this music legend to talk about his career and his experience working with other renown Vancouver artists like Henry Young and Joni Moore.

What Christmas Truly Means To Me (and My Yet-To-Meet Future Boyfriend)

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, it is hard to miss the ongoing discussion about the “true meaning of Christmas” and the way I see it, you only need to consider the important relationships in your life to figure out what the day of December 25 means to you. Who are you spending the holiday season with? Who do you wish you were spending the holiday season with? Why?

Our K-Drama Recommendations To Get You Through Finals Season

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my so called kdrama

If you’re a university student like myself, you’ll understand me when I say, we’re at the home stretch. Most of us have finished, or are close to finishing classes and are now looking ahead to the final hurdle. Finals. While we can be relieved that there are no more assignments, readings, and basically, any new material to work through, the stress of final exams due to their weight and difficulty can be daunting. But, I want to personally inform you of a beautiful stress reliever that, taken in moderation, will help you get through this finals season.

OMG, Why You Should Watch Mockingjay (Part One) This Instant

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Because I know there will be those few individuals that nonchalantly shrug and inwardly doubt the magnificence of Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part One), I have been devising the ultimate “Why You Should Watch Mockingjay (Part One) This Instant” argument for both the benefit of you and the benefit of my incessant, non-stop need to gush about this movie.