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Japan’s Plastic Obsession

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japan wrapped food

I have heard before that Japan, and other Asian countries, are what one would call fond of individually wrapped goods, but I had no idea how far that affinity reached.


The Real Life Bacherlorette, Hong Kong Style

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Hong Kong tycoon Cecil Chao Szestung, a man with Scrooge MacDuck amounts of money, has offered $65 million to the man who can woo his lesbian daughter, Gigi. But instead of becoming suitably irate about it, Gigi’s viewing this as “entertaining.”


What Women Want: South Korean Host Bars Rise in Popularity

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Various forms of prostitution have been around as long as sex has, yet the former has remained both taboo and seedy in its tutelage despite the many cultural revolutions and societal transformations that have occurred. What is new, however, is the openness in which males have been exhibiting themselves for a price and with which women are throwing down the cash for such an experience.


At Least He Showed Up: Romney’s NAACP Speech

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At an NAACP speech last week, Romney was met with a torrent of boos from a sea of black voters like he was a sexy teen in a horror movie when he stated he would do away with Obamacare should he be elected President, along with all other ‘frivolous’ spending measures (say goodbye to the weekly White House Cat Fashion Show, everybody).


Country Dog Meets the Big City | Twitter Rescues Lost Pooch

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I have never lost one of my pets, at least not longer than an afternoon, and never long enough to necessitate a poster, so I’ve never put much thought into what that process would be like. That’s why I was surprised to hear that a dog had been recovered in Dublin, Ireland, through the use of Twitter postings.


Grace Huang | A Force to be Reckoned With

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In under a year since Schema’s last interview with the stunning and charismatic Grace Huang, the young actress has made huge strides in her film career. With three movies, a TV show, and Best Actress award under her belt, this Chinese Australian has secured her presence in both the realm of Asian and Western productions.