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VIFF 2015 | A Midsummer’s Fantasia

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Dragons & Tiger’s award winner Jang Kunjae’s indie hit, A Midsummer’s Fantasia, is a delicately filmed story set in the quaint town of Gojo, Japan. Amidst the dreamy mountains of Gojo, the intimate recounts of love and loss of its residents unfolds through two chapters. While the dialogue is simple and the plot modest, the creative choices in the film from the casting to the editing offer an organic, intelligible way of storytelling.

How Beyoncé and Jay-Z are Schooling Us On Political Activism

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When the one of the most powerful and influential black couple in America shies away from speaking out about their financial support for the Ferguson and Baltimore protesters, you know there is a serious problem of representation in the media. Marginalized voices need to be heard and that cannot happen in a system that punishes protests and condemns protesters as “thugs”.

Fresh Off the Boat | Episode Thirteen: So Chineez

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“So Chineez” was an ideal episode to wrap up season one of Fresh Off the Boat; not only did it highlight character growth but it opened up an essential dialogue on the issue of authenticity facing many immigrants’ journeys. This episode demonstrated Fresh Off the Boat has the honesty and the ingenuity for Asian-American representation on mainstream television.