Schema Magazine has played an important role in the community:

  • To grow the pool of culturally diverse, interculturally fluent media talent;

  • To give voice to those who are too mainstream to be in “ethnic media” and too ethnic to be in mainstream media; and

  • To connect and inform like-minded community organisations.

For this reason, we have always been a social-purpose enterprise, not just tackling issues that threaten the sustainability of our society, like racism in pop culture and television, but by supporting projects that contribute to pluralism and complexity.

If you’re a like-minded community organisation, whose purpose or activities align with our values and sensibility, we want to get to know and support you. And not just in promoting you, your organisation or your project, but in co-facilitating a media internship, hosting an event, or in co-developing some innovative online content.

If you’re a like-minded online or print magazine, we’d love to partner with you and potentially co-produce content.

If there’s some way we can support you make our cities more ethnic cool, or you have an idea for co-producing content, please contact us.

You can email
Alden E. Habacon, Publisher
Schema Magazine