Call for Submissions: The Human Connection Issue

Schema Magazine is currently accepting submissions for our second thematic issue on human connection.

In 2012, Vancouver Foundation released a report about what people in Vancouver considered the biggest issue in our city. They said what concerned them was a growing sense of isolation and disconnection. They found that most of us wouldn’t even do simple favours for our neighbours, like taking care of their mail when they go on vacation. Over one-third of us have no close friends outside our own ethnic group.

Social connections are the core of what makes us human. As we continue move our work, our banking, our shopping and our relationships online, what does this mean for us? As cultures, languages, and traditions blend with each other in metropolitan cities, are we coming closer to mutual understanding or are we retreating farther into our own worlds?

Schema Magazine is excited to explore the hardships, joy, and complexities of human connections in the next issue. We want you to tell us your personal experiences. Some examples of experiences you may want to explore could include:

  • Interracial and/or interfaith relationships and marriages
  • Online dating
  • Having friends inside your ethnic/cultural group or making friends outside your ethnic/cultural group
  • Maintaining meaningful relationships long distance or overseas
  • The dating scene
  • Loneliness and a lack of human connection

Pitch your ideas to vinnie.yuen[at] by August 31, 2014.

Pitches should include:


What’s your story? Why is it important? How does it relate to human connection? How does this story fit with the Schema’s mandate to reflect the perspective of Canada’s culturally-blended young professionals?


Written pieces should be 500-1000 words.


A few details on who you are to help us understand the perspective you bring to your story idea.


About Schema Magazine

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