Intern Bios


Hilary Leung
Editorial/Research Assistant Intern

Born and raised in Vancouver, Hilary is a 2nd generation Canadian with her family hailing from Hong Kong. She is currently an undergraduate at UBC, majoring in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. Her interest in multiculturalism grew from the fact that she has always felt the two sides of her identity pulling her apart and she wants to find a way to reconcile the two.

As an aspiring writer, she hopes that her time at Schema Magazine will open up her perspectives about multiculturalism and belonging and that more diverse characters and stories will be seen in literature.

When not reading or writing, she can be found curled up in a corner, earbuds intact, and already thinking about her next meal.



Olivia Williams
Editorial/Research Assistant Intern

Olivia hails from the distant land of Ontario. As she grew older, she gradually stopped bothering to explain what ‘Chinese Jamaican’ and ‘Eurasian’ meant and started calling herself Canadian instead. She appreciates that most Canadians are too polite to question this.

Olivia is currently an English Honours student at UBC, with a much more practical minor in International Relations. Predictably, her favourite subjects are books and social justice, but she can also speak at length about tea, tabletop RPGs, and just about any storytelling medium known to humankind.


Yuyu Ogido
Editorial/Research Assistant Intern

Yuyu was born and raised in Japan while also exposed to an English-speaking environment. As a half-Korean half-Japanese girl, she went to an international school since the age of 3, while attending Japanese school during summer and winter break. This experience has made her realize the existence of distinct cultures and the complexity of identifying herself.

Since the age of 4, she has been playing piano and still has a strong passion for music. Although her initial plan was to major in music, she decided to broaden her knowledge and experience through another aspect of art. She is currently majoring in Theatre Design and Production in UBC. Eventually, she wants to work in the music field and integrate her theater experience.

In her spare time, she loves to watch Japanese tv shows and sing in Karaoke room. Yuyu feels blessed to have the opportunity to work in Schema with other amazing multi-cultural people. She hopes to improve her writing skill as well as learn about theater and music from another perspective through her time in Schema.