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Shad Raps, People Listen

If you've never heard of Shad before, kill yourself! The Canadian hip-hop dynamo, who just dropped a new album and kicked off his summer... more

Pop Culture

Hip-hop legend Guru dead at 43

Keith Elam, better known to his fans as hip-hop Guru, has died from cancer-related complications at the age of 43. Guru's health had been... more

Lykke Li | A New Possibility

Cutie Swede indie-pop singer Lykke Li has gone dark! Released a few days ago, the new music video for her song "Possibility" takes a... more


People to Watch

Virtual “Jam Session 2.0”

Found this video last week and it absolutely blew my mind. Check out below. Two weeks ago, 8 people with 5 different instruments... more

For The Love of K-Pop!

North America has certainty produced some of the world's greatest pop artists. From Michael Jackson, to Prince, to Madonna, the eighties... more

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